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Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital: The role of AI in businesses post-pandemic

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital due to the virus outbreak. People are forced to follow different norms, such as social distancing, lockdowns, working from home, and more. Since there are still no signs of it calming down anytime soon, you can expect the pandemic to leave a long-term or permanent impact on the world. While some companies will learn to adapt to the new reality and prosper, others will struggle. At this time, company honchos should find out ways to acclimatize. For example, they should be prepared to see work from home culture the new norm. Social distancing can be on-going, and businesses will need to prepare themselves against any other pandemic or disaster because of investor pressures.

These are some of the more visible impacts of the pandemic,but you should understand that there is more than only this. Industries such as the travel industry may have to face significant setbacks, while others like home entertainment, can benefit. Whether you belong to these, or other sectors, you can’t ignore the importance of AI and data science.

According to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital, artificial intelligence can increase supply chain efficiency, pave the way for predictive analytics for product and budget assessment, and help implement automation.

Use of AI technology for business durability and growth by Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

In the post-pandemic world, AI investment will play a crucial role for several reasons. The economic crisis will not allow executives to postpone decisions, and cost-cutting will be inevitable. Using AI can incur expenses initially, but you can expect it to recover the cost in the long run. Since efficiency enhancement is also possible, achieving survival and growth amid the harsh environment should not be a problem.

Work from home and the culture of home entertainment can aid in data gathering. Data collected based on customer footfall in a restaurant or retail store can have multiple layers. When people use online platforms for different activities, data collection can also be managed. As a business, if you use this data intelligently, this can be great for revenue generation.

You can predict, social distancing will make automation a necessary process. As an example, you can imagine farmers using robots for cultivation in place of humans. Restaurants and bars can also use machines for food and drink preparation.

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital: Challenges for executives

The implementation of AI in businesses can, however, pose specific challenges for decision-makers. Layoffs and readjustments of business models will need due diligence. Some companies may also close down. But, if you analyze and employ data efficiently, things can start to look better. Many problems can be solved, just the scenario. Will differ from earlier times.

Whenever the discussions around AI emerge, some people argue whether it is ethical to replace humans by machines. However, the situation created by the current pandemic proves that robots and tools are the future for the sustainability and evolution of businesses. The use of AI technology doesn’t mean humans are replaceable In a sense, it will only change the way of working.

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