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Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

“Last Updated – 10th-Feb-2022
Last Grant Winner Details are as below.

1) Winner Name – John Lannin
2) University Name – Villa Maria Academy High School
3) Amount Paid – $1,000
4) Student Id – 2000806441

The Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital Grant is a humanitarian initiative by renowned entrepreneurs. Ben Gordon, who is not only an expert in supply chain management. But also has a kind heart to help the poor students of the US, who want to pursue higher education but lack the funds to fund their education. That is why Ben has announced the grant of $1,000 to help students pay their college tuition fees. The cash prize will go to the best and meritorious student who pens an exceptional essay with clarity and innovation.

Ben is extremely knowledgeable in his field and aware of the higher education system of the country. The college tuition fees in the US are ever-increasing and beyond the financial abilities of middle-class and poor income students. That is why he came up with the Benjamin Gordon Grant scheme to help the students in financial distress.

The Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital Grant program was started. To balance the increasing higher education costs in US colleges and universities. It will encourage the poor students to focus more on their academic curriculum and not worry about their tuition fees.

Ben is an ardent supporter of higher education in the country and realizes the challenges faced by the students hailing from poor-income families of the country. He knows how high-interest loans cripple these students, who fail to repay the borrowed amount on time and therefore, trapped in the never-ending cycle of debts. That is why the Benjamin Gordon Grant program is an opportunity for the poor students of the US, who want to pursue higher studies and attain a rewarding career and job in the days to come.

Accurate Data And Industry

The Benjamin Gordon Grant has been designed with those candidates in mind, who are meritorious but financially deprived.

Ben Gordon is too aware of the fact that paying for exorbitant college or university fees is next to impossible for the students coming from average-income families in the US.

The poor students who have the talent to shine in their careers are often forced. To apply for education loans at higher rates of interest. The amount is often hard to repay due to the high rates. On the contrary, the students hailing from rich families can afford higher education and even if they take loans, they can repay the amount on time. There are no possibilities of discontinued education due to lack of funds when it comes to students from affluent backgrounds.

For the most talented and deserving students. It is one-time financial assistance to the most deserving candidate, who can use the prize money to buy textbooks and pay for hostel or tuition fees.

Winning the Benjamin Gordon Grant is not so easy because the students need it. To write an outstanding essay in approx 700-850 words on the topic, “10 supply chain management best practices for retail businesses in 2021. Elaborate on the importance of supply management with accurate data and industry examples to support your essay.”

Importance Of Supply Management

The Benjamin Gordon Grants to help the distressed students worried about their careers. The fees are beyond the rich of middle-class students, the amount being $34,740. As far as the public universities are concerned, they take about $9,970 for in-state candidates and a whopping $25,620 for students hailing from outside the state. The yearly fee rise is 2.4 percent when it comes to private colleges and 3.2 percent for public colleges or universities in the US.

Since advanced education is very expensive in the country, the Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital Grant is the only solution for the poor students of the US. Of course, there are other scholarship programs in the country. For pursuing advanced studies in one of the accredited colleges or universities of America.

The successful candidate, who writes the best essay, will receive a prize amount of $1,000. Then, he or she should be the most deserving and talented when it comes to essay writing and academics. Essay writing is not an easy task and therefore, students should take it seriously and start preparing from today.

The Requirements for Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital Grant Program

The student may be a senior in a high school or currently enrolled at a renowned college or university in the United States of America.

The candidate should be a sophomore, freshman, or for that matter. A junior student currently registered at a certified university or college in the US to qualify for the Benjamin Gordon Grant.

The essay writing part is the most essential aspect of the Benjamin Gordon Grant. The student will need to write an elaborate, persuasive, and unique essay on the prompt, “

He or she should submit an essay of around 800 words with the subject, “10 supply chain management best practices for retail businesses in 2021. Elaborate on the importance of supply management with accurate data and industry examples to support your essay.”

How will the students apply for the grant?

All essay submissions for the Benjamin Gordon Grant. Must be made via a formal or official email. With a proper Word file attached, as well as an email sent to

All students are requested to kindly furnish the following details together with the essay submission:

.The First Name and Last Name of the student

.Phone Number or Mobile Number

.Mailing Address of the candidate

.Email Address

.School Graduation Date

.College or university the student currently applying, or enrolled

Most recent GPA score


The last date of application for the Benjamin Gordon Grant is on December 31, 2021

The successful student to be informed within a few weeks. After all applications submitted within the deadline

The name of the winning studentwill be published on

Choosing the winning candidate

The candidate who pens the best essay. The grant money will be sent to the candidate’s bank account or grant account on time.

For the last Grant Winner details visit home page.