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Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach – Top Skills to Master amid Corona Pandemic

Palm Beach

Although in the last couple of weeks, 15 million professionals lost palm employment amid the corona crisis, there is reason to hope. Well, you can master some of the top skills amid the pandemic so that you can get a job and start earning soon.

People who lost their jobs should use the lockdown period to acquire new skills that are still in demand. You can take free or paid courses online and boost your career prospects. It will help laid-off staff to find jobs after the corona crisis subsides. Here are some of the top skills you can learn now:

Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach recommends problem-solving skills

According to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it was discovered that 37 percent of companies. Mentioned critical thinking or problem abilities are some of the best soft skills that people lack these days. Therefore, candidates who know that they have this skill and can find solutions to critical business problems. Can take up a similar course to improve the chances of being hired once the corona crisis subsides. The course will enhance their expertise further. Then, avoid taking up a very expensive course though.

Learning data analytics

When it comes to data analytics as well as machine learning jobs, both, are in much demand in the US. According to Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach, the top companies look for candidates skilled in this area and offer competitive salaries too. Data analysts and scientists can evaluate raw data to figure out trends and provide answers to questions that will help businesses in solving critical problems.

When it comes to data analytics training, it would make you a professional in analytical strategizing and predictive analytics. The best way to attain professional success in data analytics is when you manage to gather the skills required in data visualization. Your key responsibility is to show data in a manner to aid business leaders or entrepreneurs. To make strategic decisions to help their company develop and get bigger. Even if you have lost your job amid the corona pandemic. A degree in data analytics will help you find a job easily and with a fat paycheck.

Opt for some artificial intelligence course

The World Economic Forum recognized artificial intelligence or AI experts as the top trending data job in the days to come after the pandemic goes away for good. Based on LinkedIn’s online education site, called LinkedIn Learning, which is extremely in demand these days, artificial intelligence or AI is the top skill to acquire now, even during the corona pandemic. It will help you to include an additional level of expertise. And value to your resume as well to the company that hires you.

The use of cloud technology in artificial intelligence or AI is popular these days. And companies are spending millions of dollars on AI and cloud. Therefore, the future in this field is quite promising if you acquire the required skills.

Final thoughts

Do not fret if you have lost your job amid the corona crisis. Take it positively and use this time to acquire the skills mentioned in this article.

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