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The role of data integration during COVID-19 by Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach

Benjamin Gordon

Benjamin Gordon says companies receive a non-stop plethora beach of texts, photos, videos, and other content materials from different platforms, such as social media and email. The wealth of knowledge can go wasted without proper analysis, classification, and use of the free-flowing data. Even before the pandemic hit the nations, there was growing realization among the industrialists, business people, and government that integrating information is essential to predict future and suitable courses of action. And now, when almost the whole world is suffering from the pandemic, it has become necessary to have a consolidated view of the situation to implement an efficient strategy, especially when there is an urgent need to gain some business advantage.

The experts believe that data integration capabilities can prove immensely helpful for businesses if done the right way. Here is a quick insight into how it can do that.

The benefits of consolidating views for businesses by Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach

The cash strength

The COVID-19 has thrown life out of gear, forcing many businesses to shut their doors permanently or temporarily. With the ease of lockdown rules, some operations have started; still, these are not running at full capacity either due to the fear of catching an infection or operational challenges. In this situation, companies need to know how much they can operate. Using their cash reserve or to manage themselves without any revenue earning. It is undoubtedly a unique scenario as businesses never faced it. But data integration can empower them to understand and apply their strengths. Once they know what is possible or out of reach, they can use the available data to develop robust strategies and survive in the grim market.

The power of what-if analysis

As any successful entrepreneur and investor like Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach would point it out, measuring the impact of a particular decision before implementing it can prove highly useful. What type of raw materials can help your business in the long-run once the pandemic is over? Can you reduce your expenses somewhere to fight the slowdown caused by the virus? If you can find answers to these questions and the possible outcome of the same based on the available information, you don’t have to worry too much. 

The supply-chain scenario

Some products and services are seeing massive demands during the pandemic. Some businesses want to explore opportunities there to keep themselves running. However, the main challenges in their path include gaining visibility in the supply chain and figuring out the right opportunities. A consolidated view can help them spot the right deal and act on their strategy quickly through a well-designed process.

These are just a few aspects. When you analyze the importance of data integration for your business. In this situation, you will realize that the possibilities are endless. You get a variety of tools to consolidate and view data from numerous places to keep your business running. Some digital analytics tools are effortless to use also. If you wish, you can access any of them to make your task simple.

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